Rose Flowers with Leaves Silicone Fondant Mold

Rose Flowers with Leaves Silicone Fondant Mold

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Style: Palm sized 3D candy mold for chocolate, mouse, jelly, desserts and more. Flower epoxy resin mold. Soap mold.

Dimension: Height 1.14inch.

Wild Applications: Make big cupcake topper, cake toppers, baking cakes(raindrop cake, mousses, ice cream, chiffon cake, muffin), gumdrop, yogurt drop, gelatin drop, pudding, molecular gastronomy, fondant, melted chocolate, juice to ice, isomalt. DIY hand made soap, wax, bath bomb, crayon, polymer clay, plaster, resin casting jewelry(keychain charms, necklace pendant), concrete, coment etc.

For crafts and hobbies: modelling clay(air clay, paper clay, resin clay, polyclay, polymer clay, salt clay, metal clay, liquid clay etc.), resin(epoxy resin, rethane resin, uv resin), crayon, candle, wax, mix media. Use with a wide range of edible and non edible materials.

High Quality: Food Grade. Food and Non Food material should use separately. Wash and boil before use, especially for food. Easy to use mold very flexible and easy to clean, can be used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. Used within the temperature between -40~220 centigrade(-40 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit).

Model number: wd-2580
EAN: 8381314735652